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Bridging is the classic short-term, property-linked funding solution. Our products are available to individuals, businesses and corporate entities – onshore and offshore.

Type First and second charge; non-regulated transactions only.
Borrower Well-capitalised borrowers able to provide Personal Guarantees.
Facility Size £3m and upwards; no formal maximum.
Maximum LTV Up to 80% in certain prime central London locations.
Interest Rate Rates from 0.65% per month < 50% LTV.
Facility Term Up to 18 months.
Geography London and the South-East.
Asset Type High-quality residential property; some commercial assets can also be considered.

Criteria Notes

  • No early redemption or exit fees payable
  • Refurbishment can be considered
  • Adverse credit can be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Where purchasing at a discount, we can lend up to a maximum of 85% of the purchase price (provided the loan advance does not exceed the maximum LTV levels when looking at the Open Market Value)
  • Introducer fees may be added to the loan
  • We can lend to foreign nationals